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 Evening out-of-town guests are welcome to arrive.
  If you will be arriving before 7:00 pm on Friday evening please let us know by email or phone.
  out-of-town guests will be lodged at Riverview School for Friday and Saturday nights, free of charge.
 Morning brunch  
 Morning/Afternoon sports, games, music, general romping and frolicking on the riverview campus
 Afternoon clambake on riverview campus
 Early Evening ceremony begins on riverview campus
 Sunset vows exchanged on sandy neck beach
 Night music, dancing, movies, general good time on the beach and the riverview campus
 Morning brunch  
 Morning/Afternoon day at the beach  
  guests who are lodged at riverview campus will need to check out by noon on sunday, however storage for luggage and a place for showering/changing will be provided for those beachgoers who are leaving later in the day, or in the evening.

What to Bring

 Dress for the entire weekend is Cape Cod casual.

Cape Cod casual (kape' kod' kazh'oo el), adj.. appropriate for wear or use on informal occasions; not dressy; vacation gear. e.g. shorts, shirts, sandals, sundresses.

 Bring your baseball glove, wiffle ball bat, camera, bathing suit,

   sunblock, bug repellent, and anything else you would bring

to romp and frolic  on a Cape Cod vacation.

 You will also need to bring your own TOWEL.

You may also wish to bring an alarm clock or a fan.

 What's New

 Last updated 03.15.2002
  • 04.16.2001 - www.jennkitt.com goes online. The adventure begins...
  •  05.30.2001 - The charter bus from New York has been cancelled due to lack of interest. If you need assistance getting from New York to the Cape please contact us for more information. There are regular buses from the Port Authority and we will try to arrange for transportation from the bus station in Hyannis to Riverview in Sandwich.
  •  06.11.2001 - Information on Buses from New York and Logan Airport in Boston, has been posted on the directions page. If you need more information on how to get to Sandwich by public transit, click here.

- More details were added to the schedule and what to bring areas.

- Information on Jenn and Kitt's REGISTRY has been added.
  •  03.15.2002 - The Wedding Photo gallery is finally up! Have a look at all the pictures. Also, jennkitt.com has been totally revamped so wander by the entrance to the site to check it out.